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Monday, April 18, 2005

This is funny.

From click opera, Momus' livejournal. Momus is a Scotish singer/songwriter cum design guru. A favorite of Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison.

"Of course, just because you've moved to a new apartment in a new district where the sun shines on the balcony, the rent is low, the people passing by are a young, beautiful, cosmopolitan "creative class", there are pleasing little designy shops, open-air markets, cool galleries, comfortable bars and vegan cafes, and you're listening to Caetano Veloso's Domingo while your little black rabbit plays around with the pink curtains... well, that doesn't mean it's "the end of history". I mean, not unless "the end of history" is, like Kafka's Day of Judgement, a "court of eternal session" in which you always win your case (plus substantial damages) and can retire and live forever in fulfillment and happiness. No, your personal history will continue, just as history itself continues. You will suffer setbacks, you will eventually die, just as historical events -- stuff like the current tension between Japan and China -- will continue to surprise you with its unexpected awfulness. But while you're in this "end of history" mood (and while you're preparing an "end of history" sort of album, an album where, delightfully, nothing ever happens) it seems like a little piece of a fabulous forever, a place out of time, a place without drama. Like a Caetano Veloso record, time passes with a gentle ticking of claves and brushes, an ever-changing yet static progression of sophisticated jazz chords. No tension, no build, no conflict, no surprises. The end of history."


At 2:30 PM, Blogger shakescene said...

Hm. Well, the a=href tag worked, but it's got the same color as the rest of the text, and doesn't look like a hyperlink. Is that just on my browser? I'm using Firefox.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger lia said...

where is the hyperlink? it doesnt show up for me... even if i roll my mouse over all the text.

At 6:20 PM, Blogger lia said...

i see what you did... dont put an = sign between the a and the href, it should just be a blank space.

i fixed it for you :)

i am a nerd.

At 11:29 PM, Blogger shakescene said...

that was just a typo, damnit.

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Lucas Krech said...

Zay likes typos. Zay thinks he's cool becuase he reads Click Opera.

I think the whole point of this blog is for Lia to teach people how to compose html entries. She is cool.


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