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Friday, April 01, 2005

Gmail adds more storage space; Lorrimer muses on technology

I just noticed that Gmail has given everyone a second GB of storage for every gmail account. I was wondering whether and when they were going to do something like this; I guess it's their one-year anniversary. I had been at about 15% of the original 1GB after using gmail since June (and as my primary email for the last couple months). Tons of photos and MP3s are all in my old messages on the gmail servers; it's nice not to have to worry about it.

It feels like we're rapidly approaching the point at which storage space and bandwidth become better than we'll ever really need on a daily basis. Which could prove to be interesting from a historical perspective -- "Do you remember when you had to wait for a website to load?" "Do you remember when you had to buy more memory for your computer?" "Do you remember when you had to choose which photos to save?" Wired has an article on the end of the idea of the disc format altogether (DVDs specifically) with the onset of movies over the internet (and Sony just announced an iTunes-for-movies service). Within a couple of years, we could have superfast wireless internet pretty much everywhere and handhelds that really do combine cellphones with computers and video players. What next?


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