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Friday, August 19, 2005

exciting day at work

at least i got to be out of the office for a while...


SAN FRANCISCO -- A fiery explosion below the sidewalk in the downtown shopping district injured a woman and shattered windows at a Ralph Lauren clothing store Friday.

Firefighters and police evacuated several blocks around the store in the Crocker Galleria area, said fire spokesman Peter Howes.

Tom Demartini, a construction worker who was sitting in his truck outside the store, said he heard the explosion and saw the sidewalk rise up six or seven inches.

"It sounded like a big poof, then there was a lot of smoke," Demartini said. "One woman looked like she was badly burned."

The explosion seemed to come from underground, he said.

Scores of police officers and firefighters closed off the area and shut down several blocks as evacuated office workers milled about in the aftermath. Market Street is currently closed from 5th Street to the Ferry Building due to the explosion.


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