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Sunday, December 11, 2005


What did you all think?

I'll post my take on it in the comments.


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Lorrimer said...

Not much to say, actually. I really liked the main little girl. Wasn't very impressed by most of the CG. Mostly I guess I thought it was... uninspired. Maybe unimaginative, even. There were plenty of things that worked and that were cool to see on screen, but most of the scenes just weren't all that engaging. Eh.

It definitely made me appreciate the way Jackson shot LOTR; I felt much more inside that world than I did in this one, and the same production design people supposedly put just as much work into Narnia as Middle Earth.

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Joshua said...

I think this is a nice little story that is digestible for a younger audience as we are spared every possible scrap of blood or gore that could be there. It was fun, but I wouldn't call it amazing. I enjoyed it.

There were some things I really liked, such as the WWII set-up, and the contextualization of Edmund and Peter's personal issues. I really enjoyed the performance given by the actress that played Lucy. If you read the story, it's pretty simplistic and so the movie was true to form. They did manage to give the women a slightly larger amount of autonomy and involvement than appeared in the original story. At base, I was never as invested in the Chronicles of Narnia as I was in LOTR, so I wasn't shooting very high in the expectations.

Perhaps the most compelling character for me, ironically, was Mr. Tumnus. I felt his performance was excellent. The White Witch wasn't bad either. The Witch's dwarf was just ridiculous -- that actor's getting a lot of play in Hollywood right now, and it's always in ridiculous rolls, such as Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Even in the dramatically dark scenes with him, he just made me laugh...

...ah, Disney.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Zachary said...

mayhaps if they had spent less of their budget on multi-colored pavillions and gopher chainmail they might have had some money left over for some character...

At 1:40 PM, Blogger shakescene said...

I got bored and left.


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