Corte Madera Chronicles

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


So Mrs. Lorrimer and I never watch television, except that now we have Netflix, so when people highly, highly recommend certain TV shows we can get them on DVD. Several months ago we burned through Firefly, for example.

The new show that is like crack for us is this. The cast seems to be mostly Canadian stage actors from the big Shakespeare festival up there, and the show is about a big Canadian Shakespeare festival and all the backstage drama. And they get it. They get the backstage drama, and they also get the Shakespeare. Watch it so that we have people to talk about it with.

upgraded blogger

Aw crap. Fucking Blogger is going to make all of us get gmail accounts to be able to post to this blog. It's fairly painless, and I use gmail anyway, but it's still fucking annoying. I hope you all go ahead and do it and keep this silly thing going.