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Thursday, December 15, 2005

King Kong

discussion in the comments


At 10:18 PM, Blogger Lorrimer said...

First section seemed pretty off-kilter; sometimes they seemed to be going for some kind of 30's style writing and acting, and other times it just seemed standard Hollywood. At no point did it make me actually care about the characters in any real sense, and there were some pretty stupid moments.

Then Kong shows up and all bets are off. Fuck everything, let's just do a good hour of nonstop full-bore dinosaur and giant ape and giant insect action. Would it have been better if they had made me care about the characters? Sure. But I didn't really miss it. I thought some of the dino design felt a little off -- some of them looked like they were made out of clay (in the texture as opposed to the movement). But again, this didn't bother me because the action was clever and surprising and pretty intense. SPOILERS AHEAD: I loved all the reveals, especially with the tyrannasaurs -- and especially especially after she crawls out of the log. And Kong vs. T-Rex while caught in the vines rocked.

They made an awfully big deal about making Kong a real character with real emotions. And they pulled it off. If only they had done the same thing with the human characters, it might have been a good movie. As it was, the final scenes were fine, but lacked the real dramatic impact the movie seemed to think it deserved.

I suspect Jackson fell into a bit of the George Lucas trap -- he spent so much energy getting Kong right that he let the rest of the story and characters slide. I think he needed to make a stronger and clearer choice about his stylized 1930s world (in terms of character and dialogue and acting). Or he should have just set it in the actual 1930s instead of whatever weird 1930s-movie 1930s he was trying to do.

But that middle section. Fucking hell. I want to see that shit again.

At 1:26 AM, Blogger Poe said...

First thing is, I would say pay full price to see it, which I don't say for lots of movies. Second thing, spoilers ahead...

Kong looked fucking great. I agree he was made into a real character and liked the details of the ape skeltons, showing why he is lonely and all...

Naomi watts. MMMMMMM. Good acting too, even if the part was cheesy. I did get to care a bit about her though, despite the jerkiness and to o long opening.

As for the dinos, they were the best and worst. Awesome action if a bit over the top, but hell, this is kong, right? The CG on the dinos was very shaky though, which is too bad. They got the ape right though.

The empire state shit was also amazing. The viewpoints from the airplanes. Anyone notice who one of the airplane guys was?

So, to wrap up: Good movie, not great, but certainly worth seeing on the big screen, true to the original, and fun.

At 8:59 PM, Blogger shakescene said...

How the fuck can anyone knock a movie where the playwright is the action star? Fuck all of you. And fuck Kong, too. Jump of the Empire State Building, you overacting primate, and make room for the real cock of the walk.

Of course, the way the movie's structured, all Naomi Watts was saying with her eyes -- since she doesn't have any lines in the last two hours of the movie -- was "The big ape's my boyfriend now!"

Forget it. Playwright does NOT end up with Naomi Watts. Naomi Watts prefers overacting digital primates to he-man dramatists of modern isolation.

I go back to bed. I do not date. I am done.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger JMC said...

I would pretty much agree with what everyone said. Bad ass action, too long a beginning, and yet not long enough to make you really care about the characters. Naomi loves Kong, Kong loves Naomi, Naomi also loves Adrien? Mom of course said "I liked the scene on the ice." It was fun though, certainly worth seeing on the big screen. And no, who was in the plane? Peter Jackson? I didn't see him but I know he loves those cameos. And now that he lost all that weight, I'd believe that he could actually fit in one of those planes.


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